Zero-hour Contracts – Friend or Foe?

Zero-hour contracts - we know what they are, but do we really understand them? Here at Tendacare we offer a glimpse into how, despite mixed opinions, they work for us and, most importantly, our staff.
A zero-hour contract, or a 'casual' contract as some companies call them, allows employers to hire staff, however, there is no guarantee of work meaning employees only work when they are needed.  Equally, the employee does not have to accept work offered to them if the period of work being offered is inconvenient. 
Zero-hour contracts are most commonly found in the hospitality or retail sectors where hours are constantly changing in line with key trading periods. However, they are sometimes used within other industries as it means business owners, such as ourselves, can utilise extra staff giving us the flexibility to meet ongoing demands so that the standard of care for our clients is never compromised. 
Zero-hour contracts and the media
The number of people on zero-hour contracts has reached a record high of 910,000, which is 105,000 more than the same period in 2015. The media often highlight how controversial these contracts are due to the 'no guarantee of work' clause. However, here at Tendacare we have an open and approachable atmosphere which allows our employees to come to us with any issues they may have in relation to their work. 


Having seen the recent BBC One Panorama 'Homecare in Crisis', we completely empathise with the homecare services that took part. Recruitment is a real problem in the sector however, despite the negativity toward zero-hour contracts they can actually be beneficial for both employer and employee. 

We make it work for our staff
Zero-hour contracts work differently for various companies. At Tendacare we believe in developing long term, personal relationships with all our care staff. This is the foundation of our employment process creating a new contract with all our employees. That's why, just like our support plans are tailored specifically to each of our clients, our contracts are tailored to each of our employees. We therefore offer full time, part time and zero-hour contracts as well as extra hours for all our employees, which gives them the freedom of choice to decide what best works for them. 

Working in care relies successfully heavily on trust, therefore we believe if we can build that trust with our employees, our clients will do the same. Zero-hour contracts give many of our care staff the freedom and, most importantly, the control they need to ensure they have the work/life balance they desire. However, some care staff prefer the guarantee of a set number of hours each week. 

Although some of our employees choose to be on a zero-hour contract, we still endeavour to forge long-term working relationships with them, which is why we pay well above the minimum wage and offer many other benefits as well. 

If you are interested in joining our company and would like more information, regardless of what contract you would prefer, give us a call on 01372 272240 or feel free to pop in and see us at Tendacare, 41 The Street, Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 1AA.


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